Mommy Mondays

Organize! Organize! Organize!


Getting Organized and staying Organized is the absolute best advice I can give to Mothers. Especially if you are, like myself,  a Mother of more than one child. This is sometimes not an easy task. I have a couple of tips that will help you to make this possible.

1. Allow your children to help!


Putting a book back after reading, placing a toy in the toy box after playing, or picking up their area after eating a snack are all ways to teach your children good organization skills. It will also help them to develop an early sense of responsibility, not to mention, taking some of the load off you. On certain days your children may not want to cooperate willingly. I remember growing up with “clean up” songs and those are the same songs I use today. It makes cleaning up fun and before the kids know it, things are all back in their proper places.

2. Set out time!


Setting out time daily to get things organized will make the process quick and easy. Things can pile up quickly with multiple people living in any given space. When the house is in a disarray it can create chaos which can lead to stress and that is just no good for anyone. Any given day you can have a multitude of things on the agenda and the last thing you want is to come home and search for things or trip over toys. I usually give myself 30 minutes before bed to get things together and prepare for the next day.

As a busy mom, my home is my safe haven after a long, busy, and hectic day.  These are a couple of things I have implemented in my home that help me to get organized and stay organized. I know they can be useful in your homes as well. Even if it just limits the amount of times you hear: Mommy can you help me find…

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