The Battle of the Bug!

Batten Down the Hatches!

I don’t know about where you are, but in my part of the country, the weather has been a bit unpredictable to say the least. You may start the day in a Winter coat and end the same day in shorts. With weather like this, the old “Sick Bug” was not too far away.  I do not get sick very often but, when I do, I will try anything within reason to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, as most Moms will agree, I am very particular about what my children are exposed to. We had a nice little visit from “Sick Bug” this past weekend and, after 2 full days, we were able to get back to our regularly scheduled program. Here is how:

1. Humidify the Air

One the best cures for the common cold is rest. Dealing with a cold can be miserable all together. It can be even harder to get to sleep and stay asleep when you are constantly being woken by a runny nose or a dry cough.  Humidifiers can help to increase the moisture in the air. The increased moisture can decrease the survival of flu germs in the air and aid with some of the respiratory symptoms of a cold. Here I have chosen The Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier. As a nice bonus, it also provides a color changing starry night projector that displays stars and a moon on the ceiling.

2. Keep Hydrated


The dreadful respiratory symptoms can be especially difficult for little ones to deal with, making it nearly impossible for them to get down a bottle of formula. It is so very easy for young children and infants to become dehydrated. This makes it even more important to encourage fluids as much as possible. I offered Pedialyte and Apple Juice often throughout the day until mucus cleared. The boost of natural sugars also provided a little energy.




3. Alternative Remedies


Zarbee’s Naturals baby cough syrup + mucus is safe to use for babies 2 months and older. A dispenser is provided which made it simple to administer. My youngest is 7 months and this worked very well for her. Most of her symptoms were respiratory based.





I am just an experienced mother of 3, sharing what worked for me in my home. Please, consult with your Pediatrician before trying any of the things listed above. With the help of these 3 battle plans, we were able to zap the “Sick Bug” away.

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